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I think I was touched by the Muse before I was born, now I can’t stop it and I like it: singing, dancing, playing my guitar, writing and creating whatever comes to me; this is what gives my life added value. I would like to be fully engaged with my music; this includes playing covers I like, but most of all my own songs, my passion goes into releasing and playing these. The covers are mainly from the 60s and early 70s. My own songs are based on this period and inspired by groups such as The Beatles and The Who. In Spain I was a professional musician in a duo with my ex-wife; and together with the band Ruby's Gang, with whom we released the CD ‘Little princess’ . It still is a great experience: my own CD 'To all my friends' was released in October 2012. I’m thankful for my experience in bars, theatres, on radio and TV. This experience has shaped me into the live artist that I am now. 'The strength lies within the conviction of his playing style, the flexibility and warmth in his voice, the merging of vocals and guitar, and playing with dynamism. He knows how to move the audience ', according to public response.